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GreenGift-Notes with teNeues

Keep your eyes open this spring for these lovely little notecards from teNeues!

They're a part of the GreenGift-Notes line of environmentally-friendly stationery, which uses soy-based inks on a luxurious uncoated paper stock.



the plight of the honeybee


I've got a bee in my bonnet about the future of the these wee beasties, so I decided to do a little research and assemble some stats into an infographic.



a month of paper-cutting...

During the month of December, I immersed myself in a little papercutting.

It was heaven to focus and explore a single medium for a few weeks.

The result was several new shadowbox sculptures, some are pictured here, a brief show, and brisk sales with the majority going home tucked under the arms of some wonderful folks.



holiday giveaway!


I've got a little Christmas giveaway going on...simply go to my instagram feed to enter, and win yourself one of my boxed notes. Winners will be drawn 5pm Wednesday, Nov.26th (yep, that's tomorrow!)


Objects Have Stories



Sharing wall space with some fantastic folks as we gather for "Objects Have Stories". The work of 22 illustrators will be shown at MADE in Toronto for the month of December, with an opening on Friday, November 28th from 7-10pm.
All items are one of a kind. 
"Illustrators tell stories as no one else can, and Julia Breckenreid has assembled twenty-two top-tier Canadian illustrators to do just that. This award winning roster has created one or more original objects for you to peruse and consider."